Become a widely recognized brand with high performance and cost-effective HVAC valve

Zhejiang spring company is "Yuquan" brand is a brand of HVAC brand based on the quality of the national standard. She is a manufacturing company from Zhejiang, a beautiful southeast island city. In the past 10 years, the enterprise has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of brass valves and HVAC products by gathering, doing, innovating and winning together. The continuous promotion of "the production and management of the whole industry chain" of process innovation and process reengineering is one of the daily priorities of the company. Therefore, the quality of the national standard is not only a principle of "Yuquan", but also a reality... More than about 1000000 pieces of high quality products are produced each year.

Five real culture

Five real culture

Vision and responsibility

Enterprise values

Practical + Innovation + user thinking +

Enterprise mission

Standard +, we are unswervingly implementing and striving to surpass national standards to provide a safe and comfortable fluid control solution for families around the world.


Innovation +, through continuous innovation to achieve performance lead, continuously improve user satisfaction, so that all stakeholders because of Zhejiang Quan growth, Zhejiang spring is proud.

Enterprise tenet

Solid work +, we continue to strengthen the vertical whole industry chain management capacity, with commercial integrity, reasonable return, sustainable management as the glory.

Core idea

User thinking + we use our products to understand more perfect solutions and services at any time, so as to create greater value for users and ecological environment.

brand positioning

The national standard +, the patriotic mark, use Yuquan. We take the national standard as the bottom line to build the brand competitiveness, and believe that the user's word of mouth is the yardstick to measure the gains and losses.

Service idea

100% +, we pursue the user satisfaction hundred percent, that the user's word of mouth is a measure of the gains and losses.

Cooperation concept

Win-win +, we scrupulously abide by values, think that life is equal, and take the initiative to call more people to join the Zhejiang spring family.

Brand personality

Persistent +, we call it the smart elephant, users expect to persistence, sincerity and hard work to our evaluation.

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